Still don’t have a website? You’re missing out on a lot of opportunities! Most people nowadays do a portion or even the entire shopping journey online, and without your presence, they may never come to learn about what you have to offer that could perfectly meet their needs.

Not all websites are going to perform well, however. Only the ones that have been thoroughly planned even before its creation will be able to capture the internet audience’s attention. 

Simply put, before you finally do get around to creating a website, there are things you will need first to ensure your dream website is built—even if you are hiring professionals to do it for you!

Here are the different things you will need before you can start crafting the perfect website:

1. Your Logo

Whether you’re planning to build the website yourself or hiring a professional designer to do it, one of the most important things you must provide is your company logo. If you’ve had your logo professionally designed, then have the digital files provided to you so that you can give them to your web designer. 

Ensure that the file is provided in different formats, such as PNG and JPEG, so that the designer can start working without having to come back and forth, asking for different file formats.

2. Your Photos

When we talk about photos, we are talking about approved photos. This can be anything from shots of your building to headshots of your staff. You can also provide stock photo images, so long as you’ve bought them and are approved for commercial use.

If you do not provide them with pictures, there’s a chance that the designer might grab free stock photos as placeholders while waiting for your pictures. This can mean that you will need to replace them by yourself later or end up trying to get the images approved.

3. Your Brand Document

If your company has a set theme or brand that you’re following, chances are you have a sort of brand or creative brief that designers refer to ensure that their work still reflects your brand. This document contains all sorts of rules, including your brand colors, logo dimensions, rules on where to use said logos, and more. Make sure that these guidelines are made known to the web designer—send them the document and any other file they may need to make your website happen!

Other Factors to Consider

There are other things you need to provide to your web designer that you should not forget. For instance, if you have company-made icons, give them to the designer. Likewise, if you have company-made infographics you want to promote, then provide them. The more digital files you provide to your web designer, the easier it is for them to create a website that truly reflects your company and brand.


Make sure to provide all the things we have talked about above. They’ll greatly help your web designer create the website you’ve envisioned, resulting in a stunning website that will perform as expected. 

That said, if you do have a website that you truly admire that isn’t yours, feel free to show it to the web designer. Being given an example of a website you want is one of the best help designers can get and will allow them to craft something similar yet unique for your use!

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