While there are plenty of DIY website builders available for people to use, working with professionals to create a quality website is still essential. In fact, in this day and age, this is even more vital! With so many websites online, standing out is the difference between success and failure for any online venture.

That said, many myths regarding websites are prevalent on the internet, mostly created by individuals who lack experience and knowledge. Some of these myths you might have heard of, while others you might not. In any case, believing them to be true could seriously jeopardize your website. As such, we want to unveil the truth behind them and help you better build your website.

Myth 1. All content is equal

You must understand that not all written content is created equal. Some are better made than others, and some will be much more effective in certain situations. For instance, if you want to create an introduction for your company to help customers quickly understand who you are and what you do, you can create a video rather than writing a long-form article about it. That way, your introduction would be much more engaging, and the help of visuals can evoke stronger reactions and leave a better impression on your viewers.

With that in mind, your content needs to be as simple as possible. Remember, everyone is in a rush nowadays, and they want information quickly. If you can simplify a 1000-word text into just 300 words, do it.

Myth 2. Your website does not require any auditing

You may believe that your website is perfect the moment it is finally online. While this may be true, remember that your website can deteriorate just like any other physical object. For example, the audience’s browning behaviors can change, making your website perform worse over time. When you add more content to your website, old content may also grow irrelevant. 

Regardless of what might happen, you need your website audited once in a while. When professionals look through your website, they will identify problems you can fix to improve its performance and keep it updated.

Myth 3. Your website can only focus on one audience

Focusing on one audience can indeed help you better cater to them. However, saying that your website can only ever focus on one group of people is wrong. A website lives in a digital world, and people worldwide access the internet every day. This means that if you design it properly, you can cater to multiple audiences! The only challenge you will have is to ensure you pump out various content to keep these different audiences engaged. 

There are many ways to cater to multiple audiences. One way to do so is to create a design that appeals to many people. For instance, a simplistic design is a great way to attract Millennials and even the older generation.


There are many other myths that we have not focused on. Some say that you only need a desktop version of your site, while others claim that a DIY website is better than one made by an agency. Regardless, these myths are false and will only hurt your online performance and, ultimately, your business.

Be wary of these myths and do not believe everything you hear. Always do your research to know what your website can and cannot do to maximize its performance, bring business to your company, and help you grow in the long run.

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