While there are various ways your website gets traffic, search engines are still among the most significant sources. To add to that, visits gained from search results are much more likely to convert, making them extremely valuable.

Based on these reasons alone, search engine optimization is an integral part of your online success. However, if those two reasons are not enough to convince you to start focusing on your SEO and investing in it, here are other reasons you should think about!

Boost conversion rates

As we said earlier, traffic coming directly from user searches (organic traffic) is much more likely to convert. That is because these individuals already intend to take action, whether it is to buy a product or service or subscribe to a newsletter.

Regardless of what they want to do, these visits are all high-quality leads you can use to grow your business. This also gets better in the long run, as you slowly improve your SEO strategies to attract more quality leads and increase your conversions significantly.

Maximizes brand awareness

Over 70 percent of people using search engines do not go further than the first results page. If you are on the second page or further, your chances of attracting any attention are quite low. With SEO, you can significantly increase brand awareness by maintaining the top position, if not the number one spot, then at least, the number one page.

Additionally, with a good SEO strategy, you maintain that high rank with many keywords and topics, ensuring that no matter the reason behind a user’s search, you’re going to show up on the first page so long as the search itself is relevant.

Enhances the user experience

Google always stresses the importance of user-friendliness, and this reflects in their search engine algorithms. At the same time, the strategies found in SEO mainly revolve around improving the website’s user experience. For instance, it can include faster load times or a mobile-friendly website, all of which allow visitors to enjoy navigating through your website with relative ease.

If your website provides an excellent user experience, Google will reward you with a higher rank. Also, because your visitors enjoy using your website, they won’t have an issue coming back again to complete other actions, whether that’s to read up on a new blog post or purchase a product.


SEO is all about keeping your website up to date on the latest trends. This is because Google’s algorithms always change, and if you fall behind, so will your website’s performance. This also gets worse if you do not have an SEO strategy implemented at all.

With a proper SEO strategy in place, you can ensure that you maintain top ranks in search engine results pages. As such, you might want to start investing in your SEO right away if you have not already done so. If you are having trouble with this, do not hesitate to work with digital agencies with expertise in SEO!

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