The world in 2021 is slowly shifting deeper into the digital world, with people relying more and more on sites like Google. Google My Business was the platform’s solution to help businesses flourish in the realm of digital marketing. 

Google My Business is a free tool developed by the search engine to help sites and account holders improve their online presence. Many digital businesses use the tool to track their progress and help people find them.

With the global pandemic affecting everyone and everything, Google has made specific changes to expand the functionality of the tool. These updates were designed to help entrepreneurs even more. 

3 Key Feature Updates of Google My Business in 2021

1. Health and Safety Pandemic Guidelines

GMB always stays up-to-date with current events, endeavoring to provide reliable information, even in the middle of a global pandemic. For that reason, they updated a “health and safety” feature so people can enter shops with full confidence.

Your business (if you own or manage a brick-and-mortar establishment) can indicate whether you meet certain standards, such as employees wearing masks, regular handwashing, social distancing, and more. You can also institute store policies and rules for customers. People will most likely visit places that have strict enforcement of these rules and safety measures in place.

Google My Business also highlighted some COVID-19 friendly features, such as the store’s ability to deliver or if you have the option to set reservations online.

2. Upgraded Messaging

This pandemic set the tone, and many customers message businesses first before visiting. It’s a safety precaution that you can’t fault them for. 

Google My Business now added a “Messages” feature to Google Maps, making this a much more efficient process for the user looking for places near them. You have to be attentive and try to respond within the first three hours so you don’t lose any potential business. 

Any FAQs are still made available for customers who want to know the same thing as another without having to message you.

3. Advisory Programs for Small Business

Google My Business knows that the struggle of staying afloat for small businesses. That is why in November late 2020, they launched a Small Business Advisor program. Small business owners can pay per session of how to use any 2 GMB tools. 

This program can do wonders for company owners who are struggling or are not confident with their online presence. It is also designed for those who have questions about the products and would prefer to do it themselves. 


Tools like Google My Business were set up so that people can start exploring the business world and enhance the experience of so many users. If you’re setting up shop as a local business owner, don’t ignore the tools made accessible for you by GMB. It is essential to factor in things like this for long-term growth, which has steadily become more achievable to every aspiring entrepreneur out there.

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