What many marketing and web design agencies know today is that the business on the internet is more competitive than it has ever been. As many businesses now realize the value of having an online presence, the field has become increasingly treacherous and difficult to navigate. 

As such, we have created this list of eCommerce mistakes to avoid. It’s important to avoid these mistakes, so make sure to read and absorb this guide carefully so your business can soar to greater heights.

1. Skipping Market Research

As much as it is fun and meaningful to create and invent, the creative process can become a frivolous endeavor without market research. A product should go through a rigorous marketing process before it even hits the manufacturing stage, much less the launch. This is to avoid getting to the point where you have spent far too much, only to discover that the market has not understood why your product is necessary or valuable. 

This does not necessarily mean that your idea should be shot down if it doesn’t do well during the market research stage. It could just mean that you need to get back to the drawing board and rethink a few things in the creative process. That way, you could turn your good idea into a great one. 

2. Poor User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Design

There are nearly 3.5 billion internet users in the world. That means half of all humanity has some form of internet access. This number is only increasing more with time, and as it does so, it is important to make your app or website as convenient to use as possible for the user. 

Web designers understand that even just the tiniest obstacles in the user experience (UX) can frustrate consumers. For example, a delay of just a single second can cause a seven percent drop in your conversions. For an eCommerce business, this could mean thousands of dollars in missed profits. 

3. Dismissing the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of producing content and designing your website in a way that it is more likely to rank higher on search engines. The problem here is that SEO can be a hard sell, especially since the fruits of success in SEO are intangible. That said, the majority of transactions online begin with a person pulling up their phone and putting some words into a search bar. 

SEO is not something you can ignore. While the results may take a long time, your website is sure to enjoy the increased relevance you might get from ranking higher on Google. 

Final thoughts

Even though techniques in digital marketing may change, and new trends in web design may arise, it is important to keep abreast of these changes. Doing so can keep your business competitive in its industry, allowing you to navigate the market with greater ease. After all, business is all about keeping an edge over your competitors in order to stay in the game. One important way you can do this is by avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes listed above.

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