As more and more businesses move online to adapt to the times, SaaS companies are gaining traction to meet consumer demands. Unique marketing strategies are needed, as SaaS is a relatively new business model with unique requirements. 

But creating an effective SaaS marketing strategy is not as easy. Traditional marketing methods cannot deliver what’s necessary to boost SaaS businesses. They need a very different digital marketing approach for optimum digital presence.

What is SaaS Marketing? 

In SaaS (Software as a Service), a cloud provider hosts programs and makes them available to consumers through the internet. An independent software vendor (ISV) may connect with a third-party cloud provider to host the application under this approach. In the case of bigger corporations, the cloud provider may also be the software vendor.

The fundamental difference between SaaS companies and typical product-based enterprises is that software is not a tangible object to be purchased and stored. While many businesses make money from sales of physical products, the SaaS model focuses on acquisition, monetization, and retention. Any SaaS marketing plan must consider all three to be effective.

Here are some strategies you can use for effective SaaS marketing:

  1. Build upon Relevant Content

Content marketing is a very effective strategy to nurture leads and increase conversions. The aim is to rank well in search engine results so users looking for your product can find you online. Your content strategy should address pressing problems your target audience is searching solutions for. You can add a blog to your main website to write about different topics that interest and help your audience. 

Adding free resources adds value to you as a brand. Additionally, consumers become more willing to pay for a product after reading a case study. Finally, it’s vital to remember that content may help you improve your client retention rates.

  1. Motivate Account Activation

It’s one thing to get a user to subscribe to your blog or sign up for a free trial. The key is to create strategies to push your leads further down the funnel with an acquisition. 

You need to find out what will make your leads become paying customers. It can be through email marketing, in-app notifications, affiliate marketing, or PPC campaigns. You can hire a social media agency to handle FB ads or organic campaigns to increase visibility for your product. You can also use SaaS marketing automation. Whatever strategy works for your target market, optimise that to increase acquisition. 

One benefit that SaaS companies have over those with a more traditional business strategy is the opportunity to provide free trials. When you offer a free trial, use different marketing strategies, so your audience becomes familiar with your product as much as possible while it’s on free.

  1. Implement Referral and Affiliate Programs

You can also develop a referral or an affiliate marketing program to encourage new users. Referrals are like free adverts for your brand. You can establish a system where users can get incentives for every referral they make, like a discount coupon for one of your products. Dropbox, for example, went from 100,000 to over 4,000,000 members in 15 months by giving away 16GB of free storage in exchange for recommendations.

In addition, make use of reviews as much as you can. Users trust their peers’ opinions more than the brand’s own. Good reviews from reliable sources can help a potential consumer form an opinion about your brand.


Ultimately, the success of your marketing strategy depends on how well it covers all three stages of the SaaS sales cycle. If you fail in one, the results of the others suffer. However, if you are willing to invest the time required to develop unique Saas marketing strategies for each, steady growth is entirely possible, making that investment more than worthwhile for your business. 

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